Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Owsley Brothers - Dark, Saturated Cobolt Blues

Photo By Sharra A
Jerad E. Reynolds(Guitar, Vocals)/BWise(Guitar)/John Tally (Drums)

Previously featured on Popakazooza Volume 2 and Rock Mix Volume 4The Owsley Brothers recently released a full length album of smash the beer cans on the garage floor blues called 'Colbalt' which fittingly is chemical element atomic number 27 and one bad-ass color blue. Eleven whiskey drinkin, lo-fing, reverb soaked  gems of dark dirty nasty freakin blues. Pour three fingers, open the garage door and blast it to the neighbors. Get it for low low price of five buckeroos.

What started off as a solo project of multi-instrumentalist J.E. Reynolds has now blossomed into the Owsley Brothers debut EP Pure Lust. Reynolds was raised in the foothills of Southeast Kentucky, where he fell under the spell of both Pre-war American Music & Punk Rock. After relocating to the Florida Panhandle he honed his instrumental and vocal chops touring the region with neo-bluegrass acts; WaCo Ramblers & the Tennessee Firearms. The Owsley Brothers showcase his darker punk & blues underbelly: pounding drums, soulful vocals, reverb drenched guitars and undeniably catchy hooks. Leaked tracks from Pure Lust have attracted much attention & glowing reviews of blog community stalwarts; Indie Rock Café, Review Stalker, Mad Mackerel, Faronheit & Sonic Masala. The songs on this EP are charmingly lo-fi, each track draws the listener in, transporting them to a place where the past and present collide. The Owsley Brothers are garage-blues from the dark side, a complex, genre-bending puzzle that is immediately listenable.

Get these free on their bandcamp page

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