Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Graveyard Kids say goodbye, NEW Single Bought and Sold from upcoming final EP

Stalwarts of Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen they started out as the scrappy garage-pop quartet of "My Only Company" morphing into the avant-punk-blues trio of "II," then as the critically acclaimed The Graveyard Kids, who have announced their demise as Jordan and Liza have set their sights on Memphis Tennessee. (I believe in reincarnation so we'll see what the future holds for these talented musicians,) But before they go they have one more EP up their sleeves. the first single from their final EP, the string-drenched, psychedelically soulful "Bought & Sold," featuring the lead vocal debut of Liza Crichton backed by a lush string quintet. The Kid's are intent on going out with something you'll remember them by aided by a plethora of funky kitchen cooks,
Liza Chrichton - Vocals
Chadbourne Oliver - Guitar, Vocals
Jordan Smith - Bass
Jeremy Kolker - Drums
Oliver Ignatius - Guitar
Lily Gist - Cello
Rob Karpay - Cello
Charlotte Austin- Viola
Camellia Hartman- Violin
Melissa Folzenlogen- Violin

Last chance to see them May 1st at Nola Darling 161 West 22nd Street NYC

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