Tuesday, April 14, 2015

LISTEN: Release Day Premiere The Highway - Enter to Exit


Members: Daniel Tortoledo - Bass/Vocals Ted MacInnes - Drums/BG Vocals Griffin McMahon - Keys/BG Vocals Adam Douglass - Guitar/BG Vocals

Selected as emerging Artist of the Month for April at The Deli Magazine NYC psych-tinged soul rock band The Highway released their sophomore album Enter to Exit, April 14, 2015. The Highway “much as the name suggests, isn't content to idle in one place,”and has been performing continuously throughout 2014, including a successful winter residency at Brooklyn’s Spike Hill.

There are few albums that come along that demand your attention from the starting note to the last fade out, The Highway's Enter To Exit is a complete album that will stick to your cranium like body paint. Lush and groovy rock and roll leading us into a hypnotic trance with your body and arms swaying, you're hooked and excited to be along for the trip. The album is full of indiscernible glimpse's of 60's and 70's psych/soul deep cuts and obscurities, but The Highway are not imitators, they're innovators. This is essential listening for any 21st enlightened soul.

Enter to Exit:
All You Do
Too Bright
 Dear Daisy
Lose Control
Now's The Time
Black and White
Fascinating Plane

The Highway came into being nearly a decade ago. Daniel Tortoledo (vocals/bass), Ted MacInnes (drums/backing vocals), Adam Douglass (guitar/backing vocals) and Griffin McMahon (keys/backing vocals) connected over shared influences and the nostalgia for classic psychedelic bands like The Doors and The Band, soulful artists such as James Brown, and experimental contemporaries, including Beck and The Flaming Lips.  In September 2010, The Highway released their first album, Forest People, and after a month-long winter tour of the US, the quartet returned home with the basis for their sophomore album. In June 2013, they laid down their new tracks at a Converse-sponsored studio in NYC to record Enter to Exit.

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