Sunday, April 12, 2015

The End Men drop two new singles from upcoming new album Terms and Conditions

The two piece NYC noirish blues rockers The End Men, Matthew Hendershot on vocals and guitars, Livia Ranalli on drums and percussion, introduced us to Tenor Saxer Matt Elia last year at Couch by Couchwest on their song 'The Wolves' who is now an intricate part of the band adding Jazz/Swing fusion to the smokey back room sound of the band.

The End Men’s newest record will be released on April 21 – as a digital download – with a vinyl pressing to follow shortly afterwards. The album was recorded at John Epperly’s 100 Metropolitan Brooklyn studio and engineered by Epperly and Bobbie Lurie. The album was mixed at Mavericks in Manhattan. The nine tracks (eight with a bonus track) were then mastered by Alex DeTurk, who is known for his work with Willie Nelson, Chris Cornell and David Bowie.

Full track listing of Terms and Conditions:
Beasts of NYC
Morning Birds
Cold Black Pitch
East of West
Defining Deviance Down
Reprise (Bonus Track)

Lyrical content in the song East of West is inspired by and adapted from the science fiction Western set in a dystopian version of the United States whose fate rests with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta and is intended as a tribute to and comment on the original works with their express permission.
Upstate New York musician and writer at Neon Gods, Jeff Ayers (formerly from the band Skeletons in the Piano) has the scoop from Matthew on how the song came to be, read it here.

The six minute 'Morning Birds' is an innovative rocker with touches of  improvisational swing band sax, reminiscent of what I imagine an early morning jam session with Satchmo, Johnny Hodges and Buddy Rich might have sounded like had they been influenced by rock and roll.
'East of West' rocks dark and hard with Matthew's heavy rock riffs and Livia's always innovative percussion while Matt Elia strikes his sax notes like darts at a bullseye.

The tracks are a free download (or slide them some coin) with accompanying artwork by Nick Dragotta – famed comic book artist of the Image Comics series East of West

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