Tuesday, April 21, 2015

RELEASE DAY! The End Men NEW Album Terms and Conditions

Signed, sealed and delivered to my lawyer, with an accompanying letter of my total satisfaction with the aforementioned product I sit here with my jaw in my lap as The End Men deliver yet another exceptional album. As the crew at Couch By Couchwest say..It's The End Men! THE EFFIN’ END MEN MAN! Terms and Conditions rocks hard, really hard, Matthew and Livia have abandoned any pretense of  holding back anything as this album roars like a banshee unleashed. 
Added to the mix on this release is saxophonist extraordinaire Matthew Elia who's contribution borders between brilliance and inspired. Europe beware this year The End Men aim to conquer.

Written and produced by Matthew Hendershot, Livia Ranalli, and Matthew Elia 

Co-produced and engineered by John Epperly at 100 Metropolitan in Brooklyn 
Mixed by Bobby Lurie at Mavericks in New York City 
Mastered by Alex DeTurk 

Lyrical content in East of West is inspired by and adapted from the copyrighted creative works of Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta and is intended as a tribute to and comment on the original works with their express permission.

Tour Dates
May 7 - Revel Theater, Treviglio (IT)
May 8 - Living Room, Lugano (CH)
May 15 - 7180 Bar, Crailsheim (DE)
May 16 - Roundhouse, Kaufbeuren (DE)
May 18 - Münzgasse, Tübingen (DE)
May 19 - Blues Club Chiemgau, Chiemgau (DE)
May 20 - Delta Punk @ fluc, Wien (AT)
May 21 - Fliese, Halle/Saale (DE)
May 22 - Stoned, Leipzig (DE)
May 23 - Werkstatt, Stralsund (DE)
May 25 - Räuber und Rebellen, Recklinghausen (DE)
May 26 - Schon Schön, Meinz (DE)
May 27 - Eldorado Bar, Biel (CH)
May 28 - Rössli Bar, Bern (CH)
May 29 - Subrosa, Dortmund (DE)
May 30 - Treibsand, Lübeck (DE)
May 31 - tbd, Berlin (DE)
June 2 - Durango Sessions at Radio Benelux, Paal (BE)
June 3 - Stage Music Café, Eindhoven (NL)
June 4 - Cafe De Ruimte, Amsterdam (NL)
June 5 - Kafee t'Hof, Middelburg (NL)
June 6 - Odeon, Alkmaar (NL)
June 7 - La Cloute, Tournai (BE)
June 13 - Mode Café, Milano (IT)
June 14 - Joe Koala, Osio Sopra (IT)

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