Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Q&A with Killwave + EXCLUSIVE Download -Spiral- from NEW album Death by Distortion

Members: George - vocals Jim - guitar Erik - bass Bran - drums

The Bowie influence is unmistakeable, but underlining Killwave's new album Death By Distortion are the balls of Patti Smith and the snarl of Sid Vicious. 
"I march to the beat of my own drum, I march to the beat of my own drum, get out of my way I don't give a fuck."
These are anthems for the oppressed, disaffected and those with the boot of the man on their neck, which these days encompasses most of us. I had a chat with Jim from the band, below the song.

Killwave's sophomore release, Death By Distortion will be released on 5 May
EXCLUSIVE! 'Spiral' from Death By Distortion available for free download

The first single 'Shake' off the new Killwave album is available for download free!
Just go to here and enter your email address.
Listen to the fist rasing anthem, March (lyrics referenced above)
I had a chat with Jim from the band, henceforth refered to as Jim.
Name of the band and how’d you came up with it? 
Jim: brainstorming cool band names and came up with a good one.
Who’s in the band?
Jim: George is the singer, I play guitar/synths and does the production, Erik plays bass and Bran plays drums.
Where do you live and what’s great about it? 
Jim: Chicago is great because we can afford to have a decent quality of life and still be able to make music.
Tell us about your latest release?
Jim: Death by Distortion is our 2nd full length record, and the first as a four-piece. We all wrote the record together, except for Shake which was written after the 1st album.
How did this project/release come about?  
Jim: We started practicing as a four piece and these songs came out of us.
What's one thing about you/band that very few people know?  
Jim: We like all types of music
When did you start making music? 
Jim: Killwave started in late 2009, as a four-piece we started in late 2012.
Who are some that have/had an influence on you? 
Jim: We are all big fans of Peter Murphy
What are some of the challenges, obstacles you've dealt with? 
Jim: Getting attention in Chicago, so many other great bands.
What was the first record you bought? 
Jim: Kraftwerk Autobahn
What was the last record you bought? 
Jim: The Walker Brothers Nite Flights
If you could record with any one artist who would it be and why? 
Jim: David Bowie, he seems fun.
Who are you listening to lately? 
Jim: Silverbullit
Vinyl, CD or digital? 
Jim: Cassette.
What films have had a lasting impact on you? 
Jim: Clifford
Donuts or cupcakes? 
Jim: both
Whiskey or Beer? 
Jim: sure
Favorite road food? 
Jim: Portillo's
What's next on the horizon? 
Jim: we will probably start writing some new music or doing some covers. any suggestions?

Buy the album for five dolla from bandcamp

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