Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Doctor is out...of his mind! The Mad Doctors Fuzz Tonic

Photo by Cody Buesing

Dr. Seth Applebaum - Gtr/Vox
Dr. Josh Park - Bass/Vox
Dr. Gregory X - Drums

Cauldron’s boil and bubble as the smell of sterno and surfboard wax waft through the air and create a mist that swirls up to the rafters, eerily reflecting the haze of a dim city street light. Lo-Fi tubes flicker and glow hot and red, crackling as sonic riffs pulse and reverberate through them. Monstrous notes and melody’s blast against each other like subatomic particles shooting through the Hadron Collider. The Higgs Boson is a Fuzz Tonic and The Mad Doctors are going to release it upon the world May 31st via a limited-run cassette release by North Carolina's Doctor Gone Records.

Vocalist/guitarist Dr. Seth Applebaum, bassist Dr. Josh Park, and drummer Dr. Gregory X make up The Mad Doctors; a fusion of retro aesthetics, furious energy, and songs about barbecue. Self-described as psychofuzz, the band is a hairy snot rocket of garage punk, surf rock, and psychedelia smashed into a disgusting blender in some backwoods shanty.

Fri. 5/31 - Bowery Electric, Manhattan, NY
w/ Graveyard Lovers

Sat. 6/15 - Ran Tea House, Brooklyn, NY
w/ The End Men, The Living Kills, Stolen Girls, and 45 Adapters

Thur. 6/26 - Don Pedro, Brooklyn, NY
w/ Rich Hands (TX)

Sat. 6/29 - Lamp Post Bar, Jersey City, NJ
w/ Wax Darts

Sat. 7/13 - Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY
w/ The Mess Around

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