Sunday, May 5, 2013

Introducing.....Brian Lee Hillhouse

Guest Blogger Jeanette Lynne
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Introducing.....Brian Lee Hillhouse 

Photo By LaDanza Quinn
Brian Hillhouse is an experimental Indie folk singer songwriter from Mississippi. A lot of sincere questioning and emotion can be found in his latest efforts: "Find Better Days", and "Buried".
Brian's low soothing voice, is matched with great care to his acoustic guitar work. Both equally balanced throughout his music.
Like thick mahogany syrup over a hot flapjack, "Find Better Days" rolls over the airwaves, welcoming you to hear the singer's story unravel.
Everyone can relate to needing a fresh start, a clean slate. In this song Brian sings of finding who or what you love, and never letting go.
"What could I do without you; I'd never be the same,
Find your inspiration and never let it move
Find your destination and see it through"

I can hear influences of an early Dallas Green in Brian’s latest song Buried;
A sad but catchy song, with thought provoking lyrics.
"What am I worth?
What do I truly deserve?
Only what I was given at birth?

I found one of my favorite lines Brian wrote from the song “To Death” from his first EP “25".
In “To Death”, he sings about how he wishes he could turn back time,
so that he could live another full life with his love, and love her ‘til death do us part’.
"If we could be young again, I would love you to death"

I recommend checking out Brian’s FacebookBandcamp, Soundcloud, Tumblr and Vimeo pages to hear more of his previous work!

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