Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dirty, lo-fi and out of control, Brockley Forest

Dirty, lo-fi and out of control, Bristol’s Brockley Forest debut EP will test the volume control on your amp.
The groups debut self-titled E.P is out now and available on iTunes

Brockley Forest
Sharing a bond similar to The Kills and influenced by many of the rock duo’s coming out of the lo-fi garage rock scene.  Brockley Forest’s unique set up creates a dirty, sleazy depth of sound with an acoustic guitar fed through a tiny distorted amp and minimalist drum kit.

Although the duo have been friends since the age of 11, their friendship was truly cemented during a 3 month trip to America, covering 10,000 miles and culminating in 2 weeks in LA, where they lived in the desert, got adopted by a hippy commune, hung out with celebrities in the Viper room and got taken under the wings of two Australian millionaires who were out to blow their fortunes in Vegas.

In a former incarnation, the band have played support slots in every notable Bristol venue, including the Louisiana, a one time stopping place for The Black Keys and The White Stripes.  As Brockley Forest, they’re currently building a solid reputation in Bristol’s underground rock and garage venues and are due to camp out in the back of their transit this Summer for a 30 date tour across the UK.

Brockely Forest is the name of the forest close to their childhood home, where as boys they spent many of their pre teen years immersing themselves in fantasy and adventure. It was during these years that Dec also discovered his talent for literature. Along with song lyrics, in the way of a true beatnik, Dec is also a hard working scriptwriter. His most recent offering being a story of love and coming of age in the script ‘Cadbury Hill’,. Drummer Seb, also a keen photographer enjoys documenting the everyday life of the band.

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