Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dorado - Anger, Hunger, Love and the Fear of Death

Birmingham, Alabama’s Jody Nelson, front man for Through the Sparks, and contributor on Wooden Wand’s record Blood Oaths of the New Blues earlier this year, has a new project, Dorado.

I was instantly grabbed by the short hairs when I first listened to Dorado’s Anger, Love and the Fear of Death, and wondered out loud, how do I describe this, I’m not much for comparisons and such, believing that a bands influences, I don’t know their influences, lend to their sound and are not a direct interpretation. But, on this one I kept thinking what the heck is this, a super group of Lou Reed, Bowie, Iggy, and Nick Cave backed by Mott the Hopple?
Tying together different sounds from power-pop, surf-rock, to folk-psych, the album creates a primoradial soup of rock n roll. Each song comes with it own genre attached in the credits, Baroque Garage, Wrong Blues, Bad Art, Rapture Rock, and Home-organ Enthusiasm? All which is fitting as said earlier, how do I describe this? Your best bet is to put it in your ear and just enjoy it's adventurous journey.

1. Anger, Hunger, Love and the Fear of Death
2. Molotovs
3. Second Hand Stories
4. Die Trying
5. Modern Man
6. At a Bar Near the End of the World
7. Streets of Dorado
8. Wall Brains
9. Mother
10. Where's My Girl
11. Temple of the Guiding Light
12. Black Buddha of the Onionverse
13. Ape of Dorado
14. Deleted Scene
15. Birds of Paradise

Musicians: Joe D. Nelson, Shawn Avery, Greg Slamen, James Brangle, Jason Taylor, Helen Gassenheimer, Gary Wheat, Thomas Mimikakis
Production: Joe D. Nelson -- Mastering: Jason Hamric -- Art/Design: Joe D. Nelson / Shawn Avery
Recorded at Alamalibu in Birmingham, Alabama

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