Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Black Jake & The Carnies NEW EP Watching, Waiting

I have been a huge fan of Black Jake and the Carnies since their 2008 release Where The Heather Don't Grow The new aptly titled EP  'Watching, Waiting' released in April since that is exactly what I’ve been doing with these fellows; The five songs find the lads taking their sideshow, carvinalesque sounds and adding some Ole timey religion tent revival gospel with their signature ’Only we know what’s really going on behind the curtain’ attitude. Comprised of Black Jake (banjo, vocals, songwriting), Gus Wallace (fiddle), Andy Benes (mandolin, backing vocals), Jumpin' Joe Cooter (bass), Billy "the Kingpin" LaLonde (percussion, backing vocals), and J.C. Miller (accordion, backing vocals), are six hard-working men from Ypsi who wallow in the imagery of sideshows and carnivals.

 "When you grow up in a small town, you have hair down your back and everyone's a redneck, you get called a freak a lot," Jake told Detroit’s Metro Times in 2011. "So I get attracted to the outcasts, the freaks, being somebody who's on display."

Recorded in the winter of 2012 at Big Sky Studios in Ann Arbor, MI, just prior to the departure of long-time mandolinist Zach Pollack, "
Released 23 April 2013
Jake Zettelmaier -- Banjo, lead vocals
Gus Wallace -- Fiddle
Zack Pollock -- Mandolin, backing vocals
Joe Cooter -- Bass
Billy LaLonde -- Drums, Washboard, Harmonica, backing vocals
J.C. Miller -- Accordion, backing vocals
Everybody -- gang vocals

Farmer Had Him Rats from their 2011 release Sundry Mayhems is available as a free download.


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