Thursday, May 9, 2013

Popa Podcasts! Mental Noirishments #2

There is a streetlight outside my second floor window, cars are humming by, in the night somewhere far off someone is playing a Popa Tunes Podcast, the glow of the streetlight illuminates the sidewalk, cracked pavement and trashcans, beat cats howl in the night, sirens from somewhere, the wind blows a bag.  I can hear the light from the streetlight itself whistling in tune with the songs; it hums and buzzes with electric resonance affirming the constant struggle it faces of staying lit. I turn on the computer and search for the podcast I hear faintly from a distant open window…. Join me for episode two of Mental Noir-ishments. Play it or get it.

Artist Song
Andre Williams & The Sadies I Gotta Get Shorty Out Of Jail
Shakey Graves Roll The Bones (Live @ Bismeaux Studios)
The Way Low Down Dead Man's Hand
Brown Bird Bligewater
The Dirt Daubers Wake Up Sinners
North of Malibu Backwash
Chicken Snake I Am A Lonesome Hobo
Scott H. Biram Hang Your Head And Cry
Lydia Loveless Can't Change Me
Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy Mama's Little Baby
The Legendary Kid Combo Hangman
Whiskey Folk Ramblers Gambling Preacher and His Daughter
Skeletons In The Piano The Price Put On You
The Black Market Merchants Dark Water
Escondido Evil Girls
J. Tex & The Volunteers The Ballad Of My Brother & Me
The Peculiar Pretzelmen Money Mcgillicutty
The Imperial Rooster Overunderstimulated
Eli Cook Draggin' My Dogs
Justin and the Salty Dogs Po' Farmer
Morning River Band So Long, Suzie (The Damage Is Done)

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