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Feel Bad For You Mix Tape - May 2013

A whole lot of recent releases mixed with some oldies but goodies from our favorite Connoisseurs of harmonious sound indulgenceurs. You know what to do.
As always, comments are welcome. If the comments aren’t wild enough, you aren’t drinking enough. Thanks  (@popa2unes) for this month’s artwork. Download

1. Title: The Waist and The Knees
Artist: Game Theory
Album (1987): Lolita Nation 
Submitted By: Scott Emmons (@BoogieStudio22)
Comments: Scott Miller, of Game Theory and Loud Family, died on April 15. That kind of bummed me out because we are about the same age and I enjoyed his music. In 1987 I was several years out of college and immersed in the alternative music scene of the San Francisco Bay Area. I first remember hearing Game Theory’s song, “The Real Sheila”, on the San Jose, CA college station KSJS. Lolita Nation was an album of 27 tracks that demanded you listen from start to finish. It still does. In my mind, Lolita Nation is their finest album. Though “The Real Sheila” was probably better known from that album, I selected “The Waist and The Knees”. If you are interested, you can download all the (out of print) Game Theory albums here: 
2. Title: Somebody Else
Artist: JJ Grey & Mofro
Album (2013): This River
Submitted By: Bryan Childs (
Comments: A murder ballad you can fuck to. How is that ever wrong?
3. Title: Kiss
Artist: Scout Niblett (w/Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy)
Album (2007): This Fool Can Die Now
Submitted By: @tincanman2010
Comments: Scout says she falls in love too easily and then over-romanticizes it. Out now on a Murder By Death Kickstarter promise, and I like the band but she wrote this for her and Will to sing and thus it shall remain.
4. Title: Lower Places
Artist: Nikki Sue & The Bad News
Album (2012): Lower Places
Submitted By: @popa2unes
Comments: Lately all I want in my ears are female musicians, and fortunately there is now an abundance of them, Nikki Sue & The Bad News are two time Couch By Couchwest alumni this year they premiered a brand new unreleased song ‘Nothing Gold’ for us. She’s going be the new sweetheart of New Jersey and I hope she makes it big.
5. Title: Stormy Monday
Artist: Stoned Jesus
Album (2012): Seven Thunders Roar
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: The music of this Ukranian stoner rock/metal band appeals to me because it is presented simply and without pretense. It just fucking rocks. For a real sonic treat, head over to and check out “I’m The Mountain”, which is also a free download
6. Title: Fox in the Hen House
Artist: Quaker City Night Hawks
Album (2013): Honcho
Submitted By: @mikeorren
Comments: Quaker City Night Hawks may be the best thing going in Dallas / Fort Worth right now and finally popped out a studio album that matches the energy of the live show.
7. Title: Ring of Fire
Artist: 37 Targetz
Album: (1986) And It Burns                                                                                               Submitted By: toomuchcountry                                                                                              Comments: Some may be ready to burn me at the stake for this rendition of the iconic number written by June Carter and Merle Kilgore. But hear me out. I moved to Chattanooga TN in the mid 80s to start my legit adult contribution to the American Way. Upon landing, my friends and I were directed to a local bar called Yesterday’s. And the one band we HAD to see when they came home was 37 Targetz. The Targetz – with the deliberate “z”- submitted a clip to MTV’s Basement Tapes (back when videos were aired on MTV). In a case of the local kids made good, their video won based on viewers’ phone votes (hard to imagine no texting, websites, likes, or RTs). They struck a deal to record an album, and it was produced by Don Dixon. Called Another Day in Europe, it was released as “…And It Burns” in the US – at least in the limited markets in which it was available. Yesterday’s had live bands every weekend. Management required just about all of them to be cover bands, but 37 Targetz was one of the rare exceptions. When they rotated back home every so often and hit the cramped stage, all of us in the shoulder-to-shoulder bar went to our feet in our chairs and busted a move for the rest of the night with the hopes no one would topple to the floor (though there was always at least one). A synthesized Ring of Fire doesn’t move the needle today. But in the mid 80s when 37 Targetz’ amps were cranked to 11 at midnight in the Nooga, the beer was flowing and ears were ringing.
8. Title: Swing Wide the Gates
Artist: Raina Rose —
Album (2013): Caldera
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: I submitted one of Raina’s tunes a few months ago off of the excellent Elliott, Rose, Da Costa EP called CA TX NY. But this tune comes from her upcoming album Caldera, out June 11. I got a copy early for backing on Kickstarter, and I’ve listened to it dozens of times already — it’s a great record, and right up there as an early candidate for album of the year for me. If you dig singer-songwriter music, you want this album.
9. Title: Spring Fever
Artist: Teen Getaway
Album: (2013): Hits and Missives 
Submitted by: Corey Flegel (This Is American Music)
Comments: Teen Getaway is a Birmingham band that’s been around and off and on for a long long time. They go super waaaay back with the Glossary gang. Pre-Beene even…house party days. We’re damn proud to get this out into the world. It’ll be released on TIAM in a month or so.
10. Title: Think Of You
Artist: Bleached
Album (2011): Carter 7″ (single)
Submitted By: annieTUFF
Comments: I think this is a nice “almost summer” song, it’s been out for a year or two, but I just came across the video for this song around a month ago and I really liked it. You can check that out here:–PGy31IeI4
11. Title: Trap Door
Artist: Strand of Oaks
Album  (2012): Dark Shores
Submitted By: Beldo/@TheSecondSingle
Comments: One of the great unsung albums of last year. This guy is getting better every time out.
12. Title: Hello It’s Me
Artist: Todd Rundgren
Album (1972): Something/Anything?
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
13. Title: Until the Led
Artist: Vic Chesnutt
Album: (1998): Sounds of the New West / The Salesman & Bernadette                      Submitted By: Simon2307                                                                                          Comments: First heard this on a compilation album CD that came with Uncut magazine, it was one of a number of tracks on the CD that sent me in search of some great music, I hadn’t listened to the track or album for some time then I had cause recently to mention Weightless Again by The Handsome Family in a blog post about their new album and had to dig out the CD for a spin, great tune.
14. Title: You Can Have The Crown
Artist: Sturgill Simpson
Album  (2013): High Top Mountain ( to be released June 11)
Submitted by: Mando Lines
Comments: Sturgill Simpson’s voice is pure country. He’s having some fun with this song, but his stuff ranges the spectrum of old-school country and is certainly worth a listen.
15. Title: River Rose
Artist: Meat Puppets
Album  (2013): Rat Farm
Submitted By: Ryan
Comments: If you were a fan of the original Pups but haven’t been keeping track of them since Kurt and Kris reunited back in 2007 – you’re missing out. They’ve put out four strong albums since then and the most recent, Rat Farm, is excellent. I could have chosen any song off of this one, but “River Rose” is pretty sweet. The Meat Puppets are one of those bands that always sound like themselves without having to recycle the same ideas over and over again.
16. Title: Cruel Movements
Artist: JoDee Purkeypile
Album  (2013): Messenger
Submitted by: erschen
Comments: The guy sure has an odd name but man does he have some power pop chops
17. Title: Signal 30
Artist: Public Service Broadcasting
Album  (2013): Inform-Educate-Entertain
Submitted By: Mad Mackerel Music Blog
Comment: We’ve been playing this non-stop since we first got it. Brilliant use of cut-up samples and sound clips over the most incredible riff makes it an insane driving song – real foot to the floor stuff. Dive in!
18. Title: Give Me Back My Wig
Album: Hound Dog Taylor & the House Rockers
Artist: Hound Dog Taylor
Submitted by: Gorrck
Comment: Old school Chicago blues. No blues here. 90F and sunny!

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