Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kickstart The Blind Owl Band's 2nd Album

Rabble Rousing Couch By Couchwest favorites The Blind Owl Band  have announced the will be releasing their 2nd album July10th featuring 13 new orginal songs. They have just launched a Kickstarter Project to help raise the funds needed to get this album out on time. Thes guys are the best! Check out the hilarious video below and Kick In!

Touring in support of the Kickstarter Project from May 16 to May 26.  Please check us out on one of these dates.
- May 16 - Atwoods Tavern, Cambridge, MA
- May 17 - Pizza Stone, Chester, VT
- May 18 - Strawberry Jam, Northville, NY
- May 18 - Olive Ridley's, Plattsburgh, NY with Lucid
- May 19 - The Wherehouse, Newburgh, NY
- May 20 - The Living Room, NYC, NY
- May 21 - Free Range Busking Day??????
- May 22 - Underground Arts, Philly, PA with The Brummy Brothers
- May 23 - The River St. Jazz Cafe, Wilkes-Barre, PA
- May 24 - Touch Fest 2013!! South ADK's
- May 25 - The Dutch Treat, Franconia, NH
- May 26 - Rosa Flamingo's, Bethlehem, NH
- May 26 - Red Square, Burlington, VT

Formed in 2011 by Jersey lads Eric Munley (Mandolin, Vocals), Christian Cardiello (Bass) and Arthur Buezo (Guitar, Vocals), James Ford (Banjo, Vocals) from Connecticut.  They all met up together in the Adirondacks at Paul Smiths College, jamming on cheap instruments and bangin’ on trash cans the chemistry clicked and they were soon honing their craft playing live at local clubs. The result of that is this fantastic debut album ‘Rabble Rousing’ released January 2012, it is apparent that the stars aligned for these young men and we are fortunate for that.

"Rabble Rousing" is the Blind Owl Band Debut album and was released independently Jan 28, 2012. Rabble Rousing covers the first year of writing of the Blind Owl Band and consists of 13 songs. Available 'name your price'

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