Sunday, January 27, 2013

Up Like the Clouds, Debut Album from Dubl Handi

Not since the vibrant Greenwich Village folk scene of the late 50's early ’60′s, has so much good folk music come from the city that never sleeps, these days Brooklyn is taking the lead in a Folk revival with a slew of folksters assembling around the legendary Jalopy Theatre. High atop and in the thick of it are Dubl Handi, Named after the Washboard company from the 1800's. Dubl Handi is banjo player/vocalist Hilary Hawke and multi-instrumental percussionist Brian Geltner that bring old-time Appalachian music to the eager ears of Urbanites. Adding thier distinct arrangements, Hilary's beautiful lamenting vocals, and Brian's frolicsome percussion to the likes of  Roscoe Holcomb, Rufus Crisp, and Gid Tanner standards, they are reintroducing the roots of folk to new generations while devoloping new standards with their own original material. Thier debut album 'Up Like the Clouds' is truly a delight for those with thier hearts in Appalachia and an ear intent on what's Blowin' in the Wind.

Debut Album 'Up Like the Clouds' available on Bandcamp

Dubl Handi - Red Rocking Chair from brian geltner on Vimeo.

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