Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Streaming Now: Science! perform LIVE on Jet City Stream

Photo courtesy of Joel Reid — with Justin Stang and Jim Elenteny at Conor Byrne Pub.

Classical flourishes, funky folk with dabs of psych combined to make an elixir of mind pleasing, body melting sounds.
Science! is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Justin Stang and multi-instrumentalist Jim Elenteny

Recently listed on my favorites of 2012 and back in August we highlighted Science! new self titled album featuring Blind Melon's Glen Graham on drums! Since then we've had a pretty good tweetmance going on on twitter and I'm delighted to say after some slight (none at all) nudging they are in for Couch By Couchwest '13.
Last week they sat down for a Live session on Jet City Stream Radio, a Seattle based Internet Only Radio Station that focuses on Local Artists and Live Music.
If you missed it fret not my friends you can listen to the whole show right here right now or right anytime you time.

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