Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kadman - Rustbelt Hymnal / Arlo Aldo - Zelie

David Manchester and multi-instrumentalist, Dan Cohan 

After almost a decade under the moniker “Kadman,” I’ve decided to move on to the next musical endeavor. Kadman has been a fantastic part of my life, and I will miss it greatly, but there reaches a point when one has to evaluate where you are personally, creatively, and geographically. With that in mind, Rustbelt Hymnal will act as my parting release. A culmination of the creative efforts of so many people involved with the project.
With that being said, I won’t stop making music. My new project, Arlo Aldo, is alive and kicking. 

Picking up where Kadman left off is Arlo Aldo, the new music project by Kadman founder, David Manchester. Teaming up with Ariel Nieland on vocals and keys and Brandon Forbes on drums, David’s new group brings a unique and gorgeous twist on modern American alt-folk. The mellow, intimate songwriting for which David is known mix with lilting harmonies, finger-picked guitar, subtle percussion and cathedral-like organ to provide a music experience somewhere in the nexus of Low, Dirty Three & Jason Molina.
Zelie, a full length album coming out in February 2013. Recorded at J. Bird Studios, an old farmhouse outside of Pittsburgh, this 10 track LP blends beautiful harmonies, lush drums, and a myriad of gorgeous instrumentals.

release date 05 February 2013
David Manchester: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Ariel Nieland: Vocals, Keys, Bells, Melodica
Brandon Forbes: Percussion

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