Monday, January 7, 2013

New Release - Briana Layon & the Boys

Banging into the new year like knuckle buster's Briana Layon & the Boys have their foot throttled down on the petal, the velvet vixon and her boys, Josh Castellano - Bass, Chris DiBerardino - Lead guitar, Vlad Hancu - Drums, have a new release coming out Thursday, January 10th It will be available FREE for 2 weeks! Follow on Twitter Give a Like on Facebook

Artwork by: GIRLINBAND

1. Rope
2. Playing Dead
3.All Yours

On April 30th '12 if you missed it, NYC Supergroup The Bowery Bangs featuring members of The Dead Exs, Daddy Long Legs, The Madison Square Gardeners, Enemies!, Prospector, The Zabalas, The Dirty Glamour, Briana Layon & The Boys, The Colored Boys, Lost Romance, and backed by the amazing Nuclears performed The Stones "Some Girls"Album

Of course there's a treat! Here's Some Girls sung by Brianna Layon
The Bowery Bangs - Some Girls.mp3

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