Thursday, January 3, 2013

LA's Fuzzy Lovely Stone Darling's

Photo by Tiffany Roohani
Paige, Lindsay, Mikki and Liv

Stone Darling: Heavenly hell raisin' luscious syrupy Los dirty angels with painted faces all girl fuzzy retro garage folk-rock.
Can You Get To That
All I Wanna Do

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Paige, Lindsay, Mikki and Liv all met at the Valley State Prison for Women in 1983. The veterans of over 1000 actual crimes, they were brought together by the power of song. They joined the prison's show choir eliminating the better singers and dancers through faked suicides and prison yard shankings, until they rose up the ranks to become the stars of the facility, serving as an inspiration to anyone looking for a second chance that they don't really deserve. In between their more mainstream gigs, the ladies still take time to perform at rest homes, schools and churches, as these places are often populated by the 'softer' elements of society and are therefore easy pickings. Prior to their incarceration and subsequent semi-rehabilitation, they came from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. Paige was a gospel singer in Connecticut's only all-African American gospel choir. Lindsay spent several years posing as a transsexual MAC makeup consultant. Liv honed her shanking skills as a knife-thrower in several of the south's seedier traveling carnivals and Mikki was created spontaneously through a combination of chemicals. Their fifth and only invisible member, Mr. Pickles (who now goes by his Hebrew name "Luke") is a singing hamburger. When asked, "Why an invisible singing hamburger?", they responded, "Because if he wasn't invisible, we would have eaten him a long time ago." -Eric Filipkowski

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