Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The new BBiB Records 2013 Subscription Service

Become a member of this true 'record club' and get every BBiB Records release delivered to your special bonus booty!
Here's the deal. There will be at least 5 new releases in 2013, all of which you're gonna flip for. And of course all of which will be released on glorious vinyl. You're gonna want these beauties brought straight to your doorstep. Trust us.

Here's what's a-coming:

  • Kiki Pau's Pines (one of the most beautiful albums ever)
  • Quilt and MMOSS split 10" - one brand new tune from each band plus some collabo-jamming! (pre-order coming in a few days)
  • LA Kraut-jammers JJUUJJUU's debut EP (pre-order in a few days)
  • a new Velcro Lewis Group LP (woo-hoo!)
  • ...and a mystery LP from a mystical band of nomadic, sun-worshipping Swedes
Here is what you can count on for a mere $75:

5 BBiB Records-curated brand-new vinyl releases (no shipping fees!)
At least 3 bonus items (could include bonus tracks/demos, vinyl tote bags, t-shirts, mixed tapes, stickers, a baby's arm holding an apple, artists' underpants, etc.)
Our undying gratitude and respect for your musical taste
The joy and convenience of having the best music on the planet (and beyond) delivered to your doorstep!
And if you subscribe in the month of Jamuary, you will get a handmade, one-of-a-kind custom mixtape made personally for you by BBiB's own Marc Norman! (Digital mixtape for non-US addresses and by request).
*And if you already have ordered Kiki Pau's Pines but you still want to subscribe, then just tell us in a note in Paypal when you're checking out and we will replace the Kiki Pau vinyl with Prince Rupert's Drops' Run Slow. If you already have the PRD album and you've also pre-ordered the Kiki Pau album, then you're the best and we'll replace it with the first release of 2014 or maybe even a BBiB Records t-shirt. Either way, what we're trying to say is that you won't get any duplicates. And you're sexy.
So subscribe and come with us on our epic musical journey.


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