Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Fake Carls - Sabrina

Carl Allen - musical inspiration 
Steve Panacek- lead guitar and backup vocals
Julie Wischan- lead vocals
Caleb Gallops- bass guitar 
Randy Rivero - drums

You can always count on the UK Blog Drunken Werewolf to discover and share great new independent artists, I suggest you check in on them often. The Fake Carls is an awesome young new band from Nola about to release their debut self-titled EP in May '13. Listening to this first song I'm looking forward to hearing more.


The Fake Carls gained their inspiration in 2010 when the members of the band met Carl David Allen. A quietly wise fellow, Carl quickly became the source of many people’s happiness, including band members Steve Panacek and Julie Wischan. The three spent many evenings chatting about life and playing music in their dorm rooms. Then after one year of joyful bliss, unexpectedly, Carl left and transferred to a school closer to his hometown in Tacoma, Washington. Devastated and deprived of their good friend, Steve and Julie didn’t know what to do with themselves. Until the two decided to form a band in his honor in the spring of 2011. The name came about from a time in November when Carl was still present at Loyola. It was no shave November and both Steve and Carl had their faces decorated with unshaved scruff. A fellow friend greeted them on that day, “Hey Carl. Oh... hey fake Carl.” The latter greeting was obviously in reference to Steve, and the name stuck.

The Fake Carls seek to write and perform refreshingly unique songs which can not be placed entirely in one genre. Our best guess in categorizing our sound is, "Neo Blues Pop Funk." You're welcome world.

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