Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vagabond & Tramp - Wanderlust EP

Vagabond & Tramp > Genres: Americana - Transitory Art Folk, Rockin' Americana
Sometimes the thing that catches my eye before my ear is a great band name, add to that a wimsical bio and you've grabbed may attention, the added bonus is when the music is great, and this is. Lady Vagabond's  honeyed vocals and Mr. Tramp's smooth crooning create wonderful harmonies together, with well-crafted arrangements, and skillfull  musicianship, Wanderlust is a most enjoyable EP.

Lady Zelda Calliope Vagabond met Mister Dante Philadelphius Tramp in 1924, in an opium den in Shanghai. He was barely standing, propped up against the toilet wall, whispering nonsense and occasionally giggling to himself, while attempting to urinate. Lady Vagabond took an interest in the poor devil and decided to help him out. She nursed him to health and brought him to a Himalayan monastery where he studied yoga magic while she meditated for a year and a day. The two discovered a magic map of time and space in a cave then proceeded on the wild adventures that are the subject of these songs.

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