Friday, June 7, 2013

The Good Sponge Sampler Vol. II

The Good Sponge Sampler Vol. II offers a diverse sampling of 18 of southeastern Connecticut’s best-known roots rock/Americana/country/rock artists, many of whom have new albums/EPs just out or coming out in 2013.

Following up on last year's well-received Good Sponge Sampler Vol. I, Vol. II moves deftly through a wide landscape of American music, from the opening one-two punch of the New Orleans-fueled blues of the Sue Menhart Band and the anthemic roots rock of the Rivergods, to the warmer country pastures of Hannah Fair and Ken Atkins & the Honkytonk Kind, to the thundering space rock of the Burnouts from Outer Space and Dave Rave.
All the songs are underpinned by some of the region’s finest songwriting, and for as diverse a sampling of music as it is, the Good Sponge Sampler Vol. II offers a surprisingly consistent musical ride. The individual tracks certainly stand on their own, but are meant to work together as a whole. The overall listening experience is not unlike coming across your favorite FM station on the dial: you may not know all the songs or artists, but it's all music you enjoy listening to.
The Good Sponge Sampler Vol. II features new or current tracks from:
Sue Menhart Band
The Rivergods
Josi Davis
Chris MacKay & The Toneshifters
Hannah Fair
Carl Franklin
Amalgamated Muck
Ken Atkins & Honkytonk Kind
Matt Gouette
Lauren Agnelli
Vincent Tuckwood
Doug Woolverton & Carl Franklin
Nancy Parent
Burnouts from Outer Space
Dirt Road Radio
Black Marmot
Dave Rave
The Good Sponge Sampler Vol. II was produced by Ben Parent and Carl Franklin

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