Thursday, June 13, 2013

Helldorado - Bones In The Closet

Morten Jackman - Drums
Dag Vagle - Guitar & Vocals
Hans Wassvik - Bass
Ole Ellingsen - Trumpet,
Jon Eirik Steinstoe - Trumpet & Keyboard

From Stavanger, Norway, Helldorado consists of Morten Jackman (Drums) Dag Vagle (Guitar & vocals) and Hans Wassik (bass). 
These three musicians like the world of Sergio Leone, Robert Rodriguez and David Lynch and you can feel in their music.  Helldorado presents cinematic music inspired by Morricone and Tarrantino, epic and dramatic murder ballads, Americana, and Rock Noir with a flare for B-movies ala Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill! Horn sections are added like habanero peppers to an open wound. Under the open sky, and across hot desert landscapes, the faithless characters of Helldorado’s world burn holes in our souls.
They draw on a strong tradition of combining blues, country, rock and hardboiled crime. Murder, prison, crime, confession, remorse and punishment runs like a dark stream from the music of Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave and Stan Ridgeway among others. Helldorado brings this tradition into the new century by giving you the music, colours, smells and atmosphere usually connected with the image of southern USA and Mexico. 

Track List:
2. Misery And Woe
3. Dead World
4. John McMiller
6. Times Of Trials
8. Two Headed Horseman
9. '69 Camaro
10. Lost Highway Motel
11. Johnny's Song
12. Sixty Seconds To What? 

Helldorado: Bones in the closet (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Helldorado - Hellraising Outlaw [Official Video] from 2010's Sinful Soul

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