Friday, June 14, 2013

Quiet Hounds - Megaphona

Anonymous Indie Rockers Quiet Hounds is one part prolific lyricist and melody writer, one part instrumental savant, one part curator of taste, music and culture and one part effortless precision of all things percussive. These creators need no credit other than the satisfaction that these songs take on lives of their own, sent into the ether to be played with the windows rolled down on warm sunny days.

Quiet Hounds 'Megaphona' was almost self-created, having been written and recorded in only two weeks time in a modest warehouse, with no blueprint or preconceived notions. The result is anthemic nostalgia, standing amused and flourishing in the heat of a humid south, playing out like a letter to a long lost love and pulling at heartstrings with every change. Longing, in style again.
Frenzied frontmen, compelling urgency, leading away from what you know, delivered , devoured, wanting more, and a question, Do they know they are possessed? A unifying vibration, timing intuitive, happiness merging with amazed, yes, this is the new soul music; This is rhythm in the service of a poet, this is lift, this is hope, this is art; Thier music is available for free on their webpage in excange for an addy.

Atlanta, GA, November 17th 2012. Quiet Hounds perform "I Get Up" as part of "An Ode To Lost Souls" at the Goat Farm Arts Center. Directed by Matt Rowles and filmed by the IndieATL crew before a crowd of 800 people packed into a historic late 1800's industrial building while simultaneously webcast through with over 1000 views. The hounds constructed staging, lights, sound and artwork to create a truly captivating experience in honor of the soldiers who died at Andersonville prison in 1864. This is a sneak peak from an upcoming DVD & Blue Ray release of the entire show.

Quiet Hounds - I Get up - Live from An Ode to Lost Souls from Quiet Hounds on Vimeo.

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