Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rainbow Girls - The Sound of Light

Caitlin Gowdey / RED: vocals, accordion, harmonica, melodica, percussion, guitar, ukulele
Erin Chapin / YELLOW: vocals, ukulele, guitar, bass, mandolin, piano, melodica, glockenspiel, banjolele, percussion
Cheyenne Methmann / GREEN: vocals, guitar, tap shoe-in', washboard, dulcimer, recorder, kazoo
Vanessa May / VIOLET: vocals, percussion, melodica, ukulele, treasure box, bass
Savannah Hughes / BLUE-ISH: djemebe, kit, percussion, chimes & clinks
Hannah Jewell / O-RANGE: CellO

Well now, if I we're to make a list of what I like in music Rainbow Girls bandcamp 'About' covers all the basses: 
5 female musicians, inspired by real musicians to play real, live music. We write original music with an emphasis on both melodic and eerie harmonizing, whilst we rock out on 1-5 of the following instruments: guitar, ukelele, banjolele, accordion, violin, harmonica, melodica, tap shoes, cajon, piano, glockenspiel, sitar, banjo, kazoo, tambourine(s), shaker(s) 
 They're latest album 'The Sound of Light' released May 26th, is a stompin' good time packed with 17 great songs of  folk, acoustic americana, blues, experimental gypsy siren-like stompin' folk n' roll.

Rainbow Girls formed in the bottom of a radioactive crater. The first two colors to explode grinning from the mud were Red and Yellow, who soon realized that in order to fulfill their destiny, they needed to find the rest of the colors and join together to create an Electric All-Lady Stomp-Folk Grand Band. Green was discovered practicing voodoo in a barn in Carpinteria, while Violet was drawn to the harmonious, soul lifting shrieks of a particularly festive Monday night ritual known as BEAN NIGHT. The four immediately took off on a gust of wind to Joshua Tree and Big Bear Mountain, and traveled through Europe by the skin of their teeth, couchsurfing, playing music on the streets, staying in art squats and getting deported from London. When they returned, bursting with rock but lacking a drummer, Blue, carrying an entire drum kit around her body like a huge metal cloak, trampolined forth from inside a stand at the Farmers Market and Rainbow Girls was formed.

Rainbow Girls performing at the Santa Barbara Farmer's Market

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