Sunday, June 30, 2013

Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders -What You Gonna Do?

Contrary to their name this band doesn’t miss a gear on this fast paced head on collision of Rock and Blues suited for long highway journeys with the top down and the petal punched.

Alex "Crankshaft" Larson and The Gear Grinders are a hard band to describe to a friend, the press have had hard time too, in recent reviews they've been compared to an unusual list of acts, including Bob Mold, Johnny Cash, The Black Keys, The Band, G Love and the Special Sauce, early Elvis Presley, Tom Waits, The Heavy, Dick Dale, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Strokes, and even Jon Spencer. In every generation a few bands stumble into new territory while managing to somehow sound familiar at the same time, this is one of those bands.
The minimalistic approach to song arrangements works beautifully, and allows them to "genre borrow and meld individual facets into an equally individual sound." - Christopher West.
Backing that stripped down simple style with a high energy show has made them "One of the best and most interesting roots, rock and blues acts playing around town these days." - Cities 97. Go out and see them live, you wont regret it.

What You Gonna Do? 
Availabe on CD or Vinyl

When the Sun Goes Down Boomtown
Dancin' In The Dirt
Trail Of Tears
Kingpin I Wanna Play
Waiting For Me
Earthquake Shake
Let Me Love You
Don't Leave
Fill It Up
Barkin' Up The Wrong Tree


Page Burkum, Pat Nudd, Clint Larson, Johann Swenson, Jeremy Krueth, Kashimana Ahua, Javier Matos, Mr. Mark Vetsch, Elmer "Danger" Johnston, Jonathan Kennedy, James "Jimmyapolis" Wallace, Kevin James, Keith Boyles, Bruce McCabe, Grant Wibben, Jay Walter, Pete Hennig, Patrick Harison, Scott "Frenchy" Fremont, Scott Christenson, Zach Lozier, Hye Pockets, Trevor Hanning.

July 19th
Famous Dave's Bbq & Blues Uptown
Twin Cities, MN, US

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