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Feel Bad For You - June '13 Mix Tape

    Welcome Adam Dawson (@BrokenJukeboxUS), of the Broken Jukebox music site, to our merry band of musical pranksters. His site is chock full of reviews and he’s also got some great artist interview podcasts happening over there. Please check out his site.
Thanks to Too Much Country (@toomuchcountry) for this month’s artwork.
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1. Title: You’ve Got Your Head On Backwards
Artist: The Sonics
Album (1967): Introducing the Sonics
Submitted By: @popa2unes
Comments: Feel bad for you, You’ve Got Your Head On Backwards
2. Title: Skinny Little Bitch
Artist: Hole
Album [2010]: Nobody’s Daughter
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: I love how the song gradually speeds up at the end. And the lyric just drips with derision. And it’s easy to dance to!
3. Track: Bad Feeling
Artist: The Beat Up
Album (2005): Black Rays Defence
Submitted By: Mad Mackerel Music Blog
Comments: Originally known as The Beatings, the band then evolved into The Beat Up, and formed part of the UK’s contribution to the first garage rock revival led by the White Stripes and Von Bondies. Unfortunately, they soon disappeared after the release of their debut album, which means the 2005 release Black Rays Defence is now a bit of a lost classic. A shame as Bad Feeling, the record’s stand out single is as ferocious, raw and visceral as anything that was served up then let alone in the past couple of years. It channels the spirit of the Seeds, the Stooges, and punk rock in a breathless, chaotic and wholly satisfying way.
4. Title: Chano Pozo’s Shoes
Artist: Tom Mason
Album (2010): East Nashville 3: More Music From The Other Side
Submitted By: @toomuchcountry
Comments: Cuban-born Chano Pozo was instrumental in defining Latin Jazz. He immigrated to the US, and became the first in a long time of Latin percussionists in Dizzy Gillespie’s band. Despite his talent and influence, Chano Pozo apparently was hot-headed – especially when it came to money. And sure enough, he was murdered at the age of 33 because of an argument over money and debts. His age matched the spinning RPMs of a full-length vinyl LP.
5. Title: I Feel Bad For You
Artist: The High Score
Album (2003): Sexy Losers
Submitted By: @annieTUFF
Comments: How about a song that fits the theme by going so far as to have “Feel Bad For You” in the title? This was a no brainer for me, and the song that pops in my head almost every time I type in the web address for this blog. It’s off an old High Score CD (man, 10 years can go by in a flash). A bonus of this theme is it made me revisit the other songs off the Sexy Losers CD (which are all pretty amazing) and reminisce about going to soooo many High Score shows the year this CD came out. Lots of sweaty nights at the Corner Lounge and Pilot Light, with the smell of stale beer and fresh cigarettes. Fond memories.
6. Title: Better Hope you Die Young
Artist: Hellbound Glory
Album (2012): Damaged Goods
Submitted By: Bryan Childs (
Comments: A cautionary tale.
7. Title: Bring Me Backwards
Artist: Ellis Paul
Album (1998): Translucent Soul
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: From one of my favorite “wallow in it” records.
8. Title: Broken Objects
Artist: 13ghosts
Album (2011): Liar’s Melody
Submitted by: Corey Flegel (This Is American Music)
Comments: this feels like bad times to me….
9. Title: Capsized
Artist: Richmond Fontaine
Album (2007): Thirteen Cities
Submitted By: Simon
Comments: When I read this month’s theme I instantly thought of Willy Vlautin’s writing and the characters and themes that populate his songs and novels.
10. Title: I Don’t Give A Shit
Artist: The Apes Party
Album (2011): Noises From the Hideout – The Best of the GaragePunk Hideout, Vol. 6
Submitted by: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: Short, sweet and to the point.
11. Title: Idiot Wind
Artist: Bob Dylan
Album (1975): Blood On The Tracks
Submitted by: Adam Dawson (@BrokenJukebox)
Comment: I went with a classic Dylan song here. Feel Bad For You can go so many different directions and I think “Idiot Wind” covers most if not all of them. He feels bad for her because of her faults. He feels bad for himself because she’s leaving. He feels a pang of sadness for her, for just knowing him. The protagonist in the song also wants the listener to feel bad for him and her. I realize I didn’t go out of the box on my first submission, but “Idiot Wind” was the song that immediately came to mind when thinking of the phrase, “Feel Bad For You”
12. Title: Shut Up
Artist: Savages
Album (2013): Silence Yourself
Submitted By: @tincanman2010
Comments: Usually when I try to tell my problems to someone they nod politely and say “there, there.” Hence, when people tell me theirs I try not to patronize them. I just tell them to shut the fuck up.
13. Title: The Last Thing I needed the First thing this Morning
Artist: Willie Nelson
Album (2000?) Pilgrimages (best of 3 disc set from  not sure the original album)
Submitted by: Gorrck
Comments: I know most of you probably have this programmed to play as your morning alarm or whatnot, but you just can’t help but feel bad for the singer.
14. Title: Hooray for Me…
Artist: Bad Religion
Album (1994): Stranger than Fiction
Submitted By: @scratchedsoul
Comments: Hooray for me…and fuck you. Straighforward and simple.
15. Title: Ain’t My Year
Artist: Todd Farrell Jr & the Dirty Birds
Album (2012): Where Fake Cowboys Go To Drink
Submitted By: @TheOtherBrit
Comments: I think of FBFY as more of a “sucks to be you” kind of thing not some deeper meaning. Pretty much this whole album could have applied for the FBFY theme cause it’s got that “life sucks but we’re gonna make the most of it and get drunk anyway” which is what I love about Todd. I picked this song because I always think it’s a Two Cow Garage song when it first starts. But seriously, this whole album rules.
16. Title: Baby Bitch
Artist: Ween
Album  (1994): Chocolate and Cheese
Submitted By: @TheSecondSingle
Comments: I think of Feel Bad For You as basically a sarcastic way of saying “fuck off” and/or laughing at someone else’s misfortune. This song does just that.
17. Title: I Hear You Knockin’
Artist: Lazy Lester
Album (1966): True Blues
Submitted By: @Truersound
Comments: Feel bad for a woman who can’t take a hint
18. Title: Humiliation
Artist: The National
Album (2013): Trouble Will Find Me
Submitted By: Ryan
Comments: Every song by The National has a character that exemplifies FBFY. This one is my favorite from the new album and, obviously, its about someone who is getting shit on by life. With lines like: “If I die this instant/Taken from the distance/They will probably list it down/Among other things round town” um, yeah FBFY.

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