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Shout Outs: Couch By Couchwest 2013

The good folks over at Couch By Couchwest have pulled off something truly amazing and historic for cxcw2013 an influx of submissions while I don’t know the exact numbers of submissions it dwarfed last year’s event which dwarfed the inaugural 2011 event, the amount of participation was so high they even had to extend the festivities an additional day.  They even snagged an interview in a little ole music publication named Billboard!

I sat glued to my computer for eight days, afraid to take my regularly scheduled naps in fear of missing something; I shunned showers, survived on a diet of libations and snack foods while each video that was posted offered a new discovery or a treat from a favorite band/artist. While it may take you some time, I cannot suggest strongly enough how much you need to go over to the site and check it out, whether you were paying attention during the week or were somehow in the dark about the event there is a cornucopia of deliciousness awaiting your eyes and ears.

Now over the coming weeks you should be on the lookout for coverage from various blogs as lists are culled, performances highlighted and the awesomeness is relived. Now I found some new that blew me away and saw new songs by old favorites, I will save those for another day.

What I want to do here is highlight and thank the bands and artists that put up with my persistent nudging and reminders about submitting and taking part in this year’s event and those that returned for a second year and to the others that wished to but were unable see you next year!  They all were awesome and patient with me many rearranging their busy schedules, others with many questions and those that jumped and ran with it. Many, Many thanks to all of you!

March 10th The Foresters - Way Up High

The Foresters consist of the three Nork brothers from Bethany, Connecticut. Evan – (age 13) guitar and lead vocals, Hayden – (age 11) bass and vocals, and Liam – (age 10) drums.
The Foresters Facebook
twitter @forestersct

March 10th Maynard and the Musties - Pine Box
Maynard and the Musties from Brooklyn, New York, bring us “grim little tune about attending your own funeral.”
Maynard and the Musties Facebook
Reverb Nation

March 10th Keith Kenny - Filling Holes
One-man band from New Brunswick, New Jersey. He uses a loop sampling pedal and foot drums for both feet.
Keith Kenny on Facebook

March 10th Uncle Leon - Beer Train
Uncle Leon is the lead singer/songwriter for Uncle Leon and the Alibis out of New York City.
Uncle Leon and the Alibis on Facebook
Twitter @UncleLeonAlibis

March 11th Kasey Key and the Raindoggs - Ain't the Madonna
The Raindoggs Facebook
Twitter @raindoggs

March 11th Cupla - Electric Set
Vancouver’s Cupla brought us a live acoustic set last year, and they return this year with another brief set, this time they have gone full electric.
Culpa on Facebook
Twitter @Cupla1

March 11th Al Gross & The Bottle Cap Rockets - I Don't Love You
New Jersey's rockabilly/rock ‘n’ roll group the Bottle Cap Rockets. 
The Bottle Cap Rockets on Facebook
The Bottle Cap Rockets on Tumblr
Twitter @bottlecaprocket

March 11th From Seattle, Science! - Shuksan
Science! on Facebook
Twitter @scienceseattle

March 11th New Jersey's Ray G, Ward of Ray G Ward and the Light - You

March 11th Albany, New York's The Lucky Jukebox Brigade - Flip

March 11th from Swansea, UK. Tipi Valley - You Know
Twitter @tipi_valley

March 11th from Toronto The Stone Sparrows - Picture Show

March 12th Philadelphia/Asbury Park Ruby The Hatchet return again this year with You Will Die

March 12th Vance Kotrla from Sci-Fi Romance returns with a killer verison of Steam Drill Blues from the album The Ghost of John Henry” and a world Couch By CouchWest premiere.

March 12th from Athens, Georgia, Darrin Glenn Cook – In Tha Chicken Coop
Darrin Glenn Cook on Facebook

March 11th from Austin, Texas, Mother Merey and the Black Dirt - Chicken Scrabble


March 12th - A triple header from Os Noctàmbulos, who live in Paris, France. Members of Os Noctàmbulos are also part of 39th & The Nortons.
Os Noctàmbulos on Facebook
39th and the Nortons on Facebook

March 12th - from Morrisonville, New York, The Blind Owl Band - Highway's Song
The Blind Owl Band on Facebook

March 12th from Brooklyn, New York, Dan Abraham - Mila Says
Dan Abraham on Facebook

March 13th from Brookly, NY The Whispering Tree - Somewhere Over The Rainbow

March 13th NYC's The Dead Exs Return! Don' Mess With The Girl From Texas

March 13th from Colorado, (transplanted New Yorker)  David Lott - Mondays
David Lott on Facebook


March 14th New Jersey's Don Ryan - Vultures
Twitter @donryanmusic

March 14th from New York, New York, Makar - Three Times A Midnight
Makar facebook
Twitter @Makar

March 14th from Saratoga Springs, New York, Skeletons in the Piano – Victorian Dead
Skeletons in the Piano site
Skeletons in the Piano facebook

March 14th New Jersey's Tony Tedesco - Salt 
Tony Tedesco & The Full Fathom 5 on Facebook

March 14th “the best and most modest rock band in New York City” The Nuclears - Suburban Girls, Shelf Life and Five Years

March 14th New Jersey’s Nikki Sue and the Bad News - Nothing Gold / Somebody Led Me Away

March 15th from Kingston, New York, Lara Hope - The Gold Hope Duo
The Gold Hope Duo facebook

March 15th  from Seattle, Science! back with another - The Seventh Admended
Science! on Facebook
Twitter @scienceseattle

March 15th New Jeresy's Al Gross and the Bottlecap Rockets back with a twofer 
The Bottle Cap Rockets on Facebook
The Bottle Cap Rockets on Tumblr
Twitter @bottlecaprocket

March 15th Last year, New Jersey's Joe Cirotti of Only Living Boy joined us with a solo, this year here's the band! Only Living Boy - Cool Collected Headcase
Twitter @OnlyLivingBoyNJ

March 16th from Fredricksburg, Virginia, Alex Culbreth and the Dead Country Stars - PBR, Whiskey and Pot
Alex Culbreth & The Dead Country Stars facebook
Alex Culbreth bandcamp

March 16th from Philadelphia Jeanette Lynne is back for a second year - Ho Hey

March 16th Last years “Most Rocking” band award winners NYc'S The End Men are back with an eight song Rooftop CXCW Showcase
The End Men on Facebook
twitter @theendmen

March 17th from California, Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman - "I'm Only Sleeping"
Melody Walker facebook

March 17th from Boulder, Colorado, Monocle - Can't Get By
Monocle facebook
twitter @MonocleBand

March 17th from East Rutherford, NJ duo, Sunflower & the Seeds, the fabulous, Kyra Schenck  – Free 
Sunflower and the Seeds facebook

March 17th from Sheffield, UK, The Payroll Union - The House On The Hill (CXCW2013 solo performance) Pete David performs a solo version of The House On The Hill, the closing song of the band's debut album, The Mule & The Elephant, for Couch By CouchWest 2013.


March 17th New Jersey's Boxed Wine - "Boomerang" & "Young Folks" (Peter Bjorn & John cover)
Boxed Wine facebook
Twitter @boxedwinemusic


 March 17th New Jersey's The Ugly Club – Real Dreams 

When I contacted Tony Tedesco from the Full Fathom Five about participating his enthusiasm was immediate and intensive, he set about opening his studio club house to local New Jersey bands and letting them come in and record they’re submissions, and he supplied some amazing talent to the event. Here they all are in a playlist:

It was truly an amazing week at Couch By Couchwest 2013 and I will be spending all year revisiting all the truly fantastic talent that graced the pages of the Internets Oldest, Longest running online Music Festival, where the beer is cheaper, and the only hipster is you.

A few were unable to get thier videso in by the deadline due to thechnical reasons or other mishaps: I will inculed them here:

Fom Philadelphia here's The Miners  - I Recall
This is the video we recorded for CXCW 2013 but failed to submit due to missing the submission deadline as a result of technical difficulties. Acoustic version of "I Recall" from our debut EP Miners' Rebellion. Arthur Herman of the Morning River Band helps us out on dobro

Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats perform "Strangetown" for CXCW (Couch by Couchwest) on a couch in Austin, TX.

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