Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#cxcw Couch Klieg light: Shinyribs - Gulf Coast Museum

On March 16th at Couch By Couchwest Shinyribs aka Kevin Russell front man for The Gourds graced the couch with a killer cover of  Willie Nelson’s “Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground.” Kevin's vocal and musical range is amazing and is on full display on his upcoming album 'Gulf Coast Museum' due to drop April 16th on Nine Mile Records.... continued below video:

The aptly titled Gulf Coast Museum has the sounds of a leisurely sail along the Gulf coast from Key West to Corpus Christi, with detours into the many inlets, bays, and lagoons where influences from as far away as Motown, Chicago flow effortlessly on the stunning Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes cover, If You Don't Know Me By Now and  'Bolshevik Sugarcane' and 'Sweet Potato' and mingle perfectly with the Leon Russellesque 'Sweeter Than The Scars' and the margaritaville for the rest of us, 'Take Me Lake Charles'. Nashville wanders it's way into the journey on country crooner's 'Somebody Else' and 'Song Of Lime Juice & Despair', Not to be left out 'Teaxs Talking' hits the Honky Tonkin' twang sweet spot.

First Listen: Bolshevik Sugarcane and Take Me Lake Charles

Track List:

        1.     Sweeter Than The Scars  
2. Take Me Lake Charles
3. Limpia Hotel (Chihuahua Desert)  
4. Somebody Else  
5. Texas Talking  
6. Bolshevik Sugarcane
7. Sweet Potato  
8. Song Of Lime Juice & Despair  
9. If You Don't Know Me By Now  

This video was recorded live in Little Rock's Fellowship Hall Sound, the recording studio in Hillcrest shared by Isaac Alexander, Jason Weinheimer (an old friend of Russell's) and Spradlin. This song, a preview from a forthcoming album from Russell's side-project Shinyribs, was recorded last October after a performance by The Gourds at White Water Tavern.

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