Saturday, March 30, 2013

NEW Album> The Imperial Rooster - Cluckaphony

Members: Cootie LeRoux, Nat King Kong, Tennessee Skilly McGee, Khorn Syrup, Lulu Lotus Cornblossom, Dusty Vinyl

Yet again The Imperial Rooster burst forth with a floodwater of creativity on their new album “Cluckphony” In true Porch Pontificator style the Roosters with cathartic outbursts, and an orchestrated glorious ruckus, toss witty lines of insight and wisdom around like pit bulls with ragdolls as they create the soundtrack for the purgatory waiting room.

Track List:
The Hoover Farm Exorcism
Santa Cruz
Exit Me
Polka De Nalgas
Shit Falls
The Shit Song
Soldier Boy Johnny
The Saviour
Pine Box Hell

They would like to stick it in your ear for free, but this is worth any amount you'd like to pay.

The Imperial Rooster's Couch By Couchwest 2013 Sessions

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