Thursday, March 28, 2013

Popa Podcasts? Mental Noir-ish Mints

Ok I'm stepping out on the ledge here, with a feeble attempt at podcasting, I have a face for radio and a voice for dark alleys, but on the bright side the music is really good. In this first episode (wait what? there'll be another one?) we have a mix of folk, gypsy noirish tunes, for those dark whiskey soaked twilight evening's.
So crack open that bottle of Makers and indulge with me for an hour and we'll take the journey together.
Listen below, to download right mouse click here save file as.

Artist Song
1) The End Men  Cleaning Your Mind
2) Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds  Conjure Man
3) Howe Gelb & A Band of Gypsies  Cowboy Boots on Cobble stone
4) Sean K. Preston  Ain't No Grave
5) Miss Chain And The Broken Heels  It's Gone
6) Sikamor Rooney   Midnight 2
7) Sidestreet Reny  BK
8) Franky Silence & Ghost Orchestra  Fallen
9) The Bailey Hounds  Oh My Demons, How They Wander
10) Brown Bird  Fingers To The Bone
11) Henry's Rifle  Odds Favor the Devil
12) The Dirty Urchins  Hand Me The Crown
13) Blackwater Jukebox  Hangman Two-Step
14) Justin and the Salty Dogs  Streetwise
15) Skeletons In The Piano  The Price Put On You
16) The Amboys  Ashley Meets the Wolf
17) The Peculiar Pretzelmen  Burn Your House Down
18) The End Men  Into The Mines

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