Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bloody Lovely Audrey - Four Dark Eyes EP

Sinead Curry - Vocals | Rob Cleary - Guitars | Andy Cavenagh - Bass | Seb Guajardo - Drums

Bloody Lovely Audrey is raw raunchy rock and roll and I like it, no love it!. While their debut EP 'Animal' was an in your face ball grabber, on their sophomore effort, titled 'Four Dark Eyes', Sinead and the boys go straight  for your jugular and shake you like a voodoo rag doll. Over heavy primal beats and soaring riffs, Sinead serenade's you like a wild banshee dripping sweat and blood from a rock god sacrificial ritual.

released 16 July 2010 debut EP 'Animal' is the sound of four people having a damn good time. It's louder than a riot, sexier than double D cleavage, and unapologetically in your double D cleavage.
It's an attempt to take the brutal energy and dirty, dirty noise we put into our live shows and compress it all onto one little plastic disc. These are songs about life, love and lust. Especially lust.

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