Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#cxcw Couch Klieg light: Fifth on the Floor & The Dead Exs

Justin Wells of Fifth on the Floor is a staple at Couch By Couchwest, as are The Dead Exs, always out of gum and packing punches, so when I saw this little twitter exchange needless to say I got all a twitter.

Justin  plays “January in Louisiana” from their album “Ashes & Angels” on a train in cold, cold Lexington, Kentucky.

In the middle of Couch By Couchwest on March 12th Fifth on the Floor dropped their 3rd album 'Ashes & Angels' featuring songs writing by all members of the band, Aaron Earl Graham - Drums, Vocals
Jason Parsons - Bass, Vocals, Matty Rodgers - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Justin Wells - Vocals, Guitar.
It kicks off with an ole timey slidin' and a fiddlinjamoree devil went down to Twangville 'Whiskey' and slides like a warm shot into the riff heavy, beat pounding ballads 'Shotgun' and 'January in Louisiana'.  On 'The Last Opry' Matty's  just fuckin' burn the Opry down with molotov cocktail that jumps fire barrier's and takes the torch right into 'Burnin' Nashville'
'Wild Child' features Shooter Jennings on Piano and Diamond Bobman Emmett on organ for a rock riff laden windows down pounding on the steering wheel ripper of a song. Eli Hall on Petal Steel and Shooter Jennings on piano join them on 'Angels in the Snow'. The next song 'Wine' features the magnificent vocals of Rachel Brooke I don't think anything more needs to be said about that. 'Hangman's Reel' is the perfect hanging at the train yard waiting for a hop sing-along for all us vagabonds at heart, the guitars bellow of destinations to be and Justin wails like freight train wheels on full steam. The next song features Brandon Bowlds on Banjo Benjamin Ringle on Dobro, Don Rogers on fiddle with Matty on Harmonica on the melancholic 'What For'.
'Same Ol' Thing'  closing out the album 'One Big Holiday' features Rachel Brooke on backgound vocals and Shooter Jennings back on piano and Eli Hall adding his fantastic petal steel
Shooter Jennings produced the record at DeadBird Studios in Louisville, KY.  The album features performances by Jennings, Rachel Brooke, Benjamin Ringel (The Delta Saints), and Kentucky musicians Brandon Bowlds, Eli Hall, and Don Rogers.

Track Listing:
1.  Whiskey
2.  Shotgun
3.  January in Louisiana
4.  The Last Opry
5.  Burnin’ Nashville Down
6.  Wild Child
7.  Angels in the Snow
8.  Wine (ft. Rachel Brooke)
9.  Hangman’s Reel
10.  What For
11.  Same Old Thing
12.  One Big Holiday

The Dead Exs returned to CXCW with a new song 'Don't Mess With The Girl From Texas' from their sophomore album 'Relovolution' released 16 September 2012 reviewed here
So with those two tweets I started this post off in mind I thought what better way to satisfy my need for these two bands to jam together, then with a Fifth on the Floor/The Dead Exs playlist. see/hear below..

Listen to 3 song set by Fifth on the Floor

Listen to a 3 song set by The Dead Exs

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