Saturday, May 26, 2012

Secret Country of New Jersey

photo credit: C. Rotolo ( )

Jay Monaco: Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Katelynn Siegle: Lead Vocals
Matt Siegle: Drums/Vocals
Joe Hart: Guitars/Vocals
Ryan Gross: Guitars
Tim Siegle: Bass
Hometown         Kearny, NJ

Secret Country show what alt country music can be in the hands of some rowdy, beer drinking, honky-tonkin Jerseyites. Secret Country frontman Jay Monaco has a love for outlaw country, beers, whiskey and hootin' and a hollerin' at local parties, bbq's and bars. Originally an acoustic duo, a burst of creative writing and original material lead to what is now a sextet.
Their May 22 release '7 Days a Week' and a new album due in August on Killing Horse Records is a follow-up to the band’s 2009 full-length “Women, Whiskey and Nightlife.” This release has some changes to its lineup, with Katelynn Siegle (vocals) and Ryan Gross (guitar).
This will go perfect with your Memorial Day weekend Hot Dogs and Cold Beer get a thirty pack and pound em with this stuck in yer ear you'll be laughing, singing, dancing and a hootin' and a hollerin'!
“We’re really excited to put it all out,” said Mike Sylvia of Killing Horse Records. “We built the label around them in 2009.”
“It’s a whole different thing with a girl singing,” said Secret Country bass player Tim Siegle, Katelynn’s brother. “At first it was kind of like a boys’ club. Now that we’re older, it’s not the same thing. She brings something we didn’t have.”


  1. Nice post...Speak Into My Good Eye moved to Check it out.

    -Chris Rotolo


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