Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Release by Conor and the Stonehill Kids

When Melissa and Paul recommend something my curiosity ticks up, so when I saw them post about Conor and the Stonehill Kids, I checked em out.  They released an album yesterday 5/22 'Soft Life' their third in two years.
I don't know much about them, they are from Jersey which tickles me pink. With tags like: garage new jersey punk shit trunk rock basement garage rock herpe rock shit surf punk New Jersey I was intrigued, this is good low-fi garage surf punk rock with a sense of humor.

Their About:  We pet cats, we pet dogs, just don’t let us around your grandparents.. You don't want to know what we are capable of.. We play surf punk.. we have fun
Their Bio: amateur guitar riffs and sexy drum fills

I mean c'mon these guys are having fun and making some good music.

Here's a couple of their EP's available for free, get em and wax some boards, chase girls and drink beers.


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