Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Update: NEW EP Released Today - Bird Dog -'Cabin'

Photo by Hiroki Kobayashi

Sometime's sharing music on this blog feels like sharing secrets, this one defiantly fits that bill. It captures some of my inner most feelings that seem hard to talk about except with certain people - Hello, my name is Popa Tunes, I'm a hopeless romantic, thanks for letting me share.

Featured on Popakazooza Vol 4  Bird Dog is a Brooklyn based outfit with a sound that draws on a wide set of roots influences from Aretha and Bobby D to S.E. Rogie, John Holt and The Louvin Brothers. Members of the band also play with the Avett Brothers, O'Death and Hospitality. Bird Dog's first full length will be released in spring 2012.
These downloads are free, you guys.


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