Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The End Men Return!

Our good friends The End Men have returned home from a most successful tour of Europe where they garnered praise from the local presses, entertained the masses and made many new fans and friends. If you followed them on facebook or twitter you enjoyed Brooklyn's favorite couple eat, drink and party across the old continent, now they are home, seasoned with an old world flavor and stories to tell and 'new songs to write and record'. Come see them for their Endless Boozy Summer Brunch at the V Bar St. Marks the first Saturday of the months all summer. Welcome home kids!

On June 16th they will be playing Northside Festival with blog favs 'The Gypsy West' featured on Psych me Popa Vol 2 

The Gypsy West annual Northside Festival showcase at Trash Bar is always a night to find the best in Brooklyn’s rock music scene.  Featuring Clouder, Walnuts, The End Men, A Million Years, The Gypsy West and New Madrid, the line-up runs the gamut of every style of rock Brooklyn has to offer. 

Clouder - Broadcast Victim.mp3
Walnuts - Part of Me.mp3
The End Men - Being Nothing.mp3
A Million Years - Holy Ghost Town.mp3
The Gypsy West - Condition.mp3
New Madrid - Soberano.mp3

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