Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Popakazooza 2012 Vol 6

So there is this energy that needs to be captured, talked about. Some people understand it. It is the feeling that you get while listening to a certain band. Makes you want to drop everything and loose it and jump around and sing and pound the ground right in the middle of whatever you were doing, walking, on the bus, driving, whatever it is. It is probably a variation of the same energy that you feel when you wake up and it’s sunny and warm out. It might be everywhere but it’s not always obtainable -KAH  

So it's been a month here's my latest collection, listen, download individuality or get them like em, support em. Vol 1, Vol 2, Vol 3, Vol 4, Vol 5

The Whitewalls - Berry Street.mp3
The Coloradas - Eight Ball Blues.mp3
Jim From The Moon - To Live To Roam.mp3
Byron Blocker & The Offbeats - Americano.mp3
The Bearfoot Hookers - Ready To Ride.mp3
Steel Toed Slippers - A Child's Lamento.mp3
The Devil Makes Three - Tow.mp3
Screaming Females - It All Means Nothing.mp3
Wells-next-the-Sea - No One Knows You Like I Do.mp3
Hurry For The Riff Raff - Look Out Mama.mp3
The California Honeydrops - Judgement Day.mp3
Longhorne Slim - The Way We Move.mp3
The Harmonica Lewinskies - Wagstaff.mp3
The Hot Seats - New Five Cents.mp3
Daddy - Hardshell Case.mp3
Dirty Bourbon River Show - You Will Never Know Him.mp3
Blame Sally - Big Big Bed.mp3
Sadie and The Blue Eyed Devils - Nobody's Baby.mp3
Caitlin Rose - Shanghai Cigarettes.mp3
F.J. McMahon - Sister Brother.mp3
Sci-Fi Romance - Steam Drill Blues.mp3
Swamp Cabbage - Silver Meteor.mp3

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