Saturday, February 21, 2015

Psych Down Under, The Grease Arrestor - Volume 2

Rick - Guitar, Vocals - Ryan - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Sam - Guitar, Bass, Vocals - Liz - Organ, Percussion, Vocals
Josh - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Three guitarists, two Bassists, two Percussionists, five Vocalist, one Organist and one Drummer = The Aussie Psych five-piece, The Grease Arrestor.

The Grease Arrestor describe their second album, 'Volume Two' as a pastiche of different ideas and influences, including the 60s golden era and elements of 90s movements, blended with their signature jangle freak-outs, drone, jivin' rhythms, gazey fuzz tones and fuzz groove combination with 12 string guitars and 60s organ wails.

"Volume Two" is available as a free/name your price download below. All proceeds will go towards a vinyl pressing of the album, a worthy cause.

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