Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tell all the people that you know, Couch By Couchwest 2015 Submissions are open!

In it's 5th year, the original on line Music Festival Couch By Couchwest!  The event where the only hipster is you and the beers are cheaper, the only port-o-potty you need is a bed pan if you so desire, No badges, lanyards, bracelets, parking fees, ticket lines, babysitters, dogsitters, expensive beer prices, or crappy hotel rooms…just the sweet comfort of your own couch. Where to all the slackers meet? #CxCW. 

As for myself, I start preping in February by reducing my number of showers incrementaly until I'm down to zero in one week, I visit La-Z-Boy's website dreaming of venue upgrades. I'll do kitchen experiments to create the perfect snacks, browse Taco and Burrito recipes. and check all my electronic gizmos for proper operation so that when the folks at Couch By Couchwest invade my venue I'm ready as Reddi-wip.

Here’s how it works, artists and bands from all over the globe record a video performance for them from their living rooms, kitchens, porches, bathrooms, you name it…pretty much anywhere but a stage…and the CxCW crew post them during the week of the festival (March 15th to 21st, 2015). 
So now it's your part, spread the word, tell all your musician friends, about it and coax them to participate. All talent welcome, any genre just send them to the submissions page
And tell your friends friends, your siblings, your folks, your distant relatives, there are contests, prizes and rewards, it's a fulll frontal participation event for everyone. 

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