Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dinosaur Eyelids - Bypass to Nowhere

Evan Staats-vocals Scott Staats-bass Patrick McKnight-guitar Mark Leone-drums

What exit are you from is a common question in New Jersey, Dinosaur Eyelids are from exit nine in the heart of New Jersey, 'New Brunswick' our creative center, the beats start here and fuel the rest of the state. House favorites at The Court Tavern, the band has a reputation for roof dropping live performances. Thier latest release “Bypass to Nowhere” is a powerful collection of great rock tunes presented with the right amount of rawness and heartfelt conviction.  It is the fourth release from this 100% DIY band. The album closes with a real standout for me, the eight minute Jazz/Rock fused 'World on Fire' it shows off the breadth and scope of this band.
Upcoming Shows:
Friday, March 20th at XO Lounge, Philadelphia PA
Saturday, April 18th at the Fifth Estate, Brooklyn NY

Full live set from Buddie's in Sayreville NJ featuring songs from "Bypass to Nowhere"

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