Monday, February 9, 2015

All Sensory Void - Secret Truth of the Universe

I've been delightfully following along the last few years as All Sensory Void, the solo project of The Nico Blues member Eric Goldberg released his exuberant conceptual albums at a prolific pace. Relax Man . . . You're Actually Just Energy Condensed to a Slow Vibration, Psychedelic Syd and the Recklessly Abandoned, and Everywhere You Go… There You Are. 
Expansive and engrossing, All Sensory Void's sound nibbles at all the nooks and cranny's of your cranium with probing tentacles. 
A talented self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Eric has worn every hat required to get his abundant creativity to fruition, and now to take his experimental psychedelic endeavor to the next level his latest release Secret Truth of the Universe will be the last as a solo artist as All Sensory Void will go full band with Members: Eric Goldberg: Guitar/Vocals -  Brian DePhillis: Drums/Samples Danny Goldberg: Bass/Vocals 
Also available on cassette via Goldberg’s own Sniffling Indie Kids

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