Monday, March 2, 2015

The Holy Gasp - The Last Generation of Love (LP)

Photo by Decipher Images

They are too far and few between, the envelope pushers, stretching genres, laying down new trails in the wilderness of modern music. While they may not appeal to all they're the kind of band moving things ever forward and influencing others to follow, And when they come along they should be embraced and rejoiced.
The Holy Gasp incorporate's a tasty stew of punk, jazz, gypsy noir, and folk protest seasoned with funky rock presented with nonconformist uninhibited bravado and gusto that dares you jump in the padded wagon with them.

As for myself, I get it, I dig it, after all, I'm just an eye twitch away from madness myself.

With a beatnik's groove, a Hunter S. Thompson attitude and an Allen Ginsbergesque frontman, Benjamin Hackman, Toronto's The Holy Gasp are fierce, edgy, focused and relevantly rousing with heavy political overtones, The Last Generation of Love has something to say and a mad hatter's way of saying it with battle cry's like 'The Man Ain't Groovy' leading the unwashed hordes to battle and the sitting on the flotsam and jetsam gloating of 'Stomp Out The Man'
A couple fun numbers, the twangy honky-tonking 'A Boy And His Pony' is as good a lulla-bye as Dino's "My Rifle, My Pony And Me" and 'A Daily Affirmation' should get you moving and grooving and make any day better. 'All The Animals' 'How I get Down' and 'The Last Generation Of Love' are the meat in this stew musically and promulgating wise. 'Bedbugs' is the vehicle for the band to jump completely into madness.

Members: Benjamin Hackman (vocals, percussion), Daveyoso (drums, percussion), Sebastian Shinwell (electric guitar, vocals), Christopher Weatherstone (alto saxophone, flute, vocals), James McEleney (upright bass, vocals)

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