Thursday, March 12, 2015

Purple Hill - Top 40 Radio Memory Dream (Oh Yeah​!​)

Purple Hill  is steeped with an 80's R&R sound though not bound by it. adding a flare for country and punk energy to their sound they chart a path directly to uninhibited abandonment and good times.
At times, frontman, Owen Marchildon channels Springsteen, Ian Hunter of Mott the Hoople and Lou Reed in his vocals and adds spurts of harmonica like Whammer Jammer Richard "Magic Dick" Salwitz while hard driving beats and rhythms swirl around him from the rambunctious lineup of, Jordan Bruce (drums, keyboard), Brent Hough (guitar, keyboard, backup vocals) and Dan Snyder (bass).

Their latest album Top 40 Radio Memory Dream (Oh Yeah!) was recorded live off the floor at 6 Nassau Studios with Toronto Indie Rock recording legend, Jeff McMurrich. The ten tracks will have you wagging your finger like Jagger and strutting Berry.

Owen Marchildon - vocals, guitars, harmonica.
Jordan Bruce - drums, keyboards.
Brent Hough- guitars, keyboards, back up vocals.
Dan Snyder - bass.

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