Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Show Ponies - Run For Your Life

The Show Ponies Run For Your Life EP released 23 October 2014 a new video for the title track premiered on Pop Matters. Lead vocalist and bassist Clayton Chaney tells PopMatters:
“The ‘Run For Your Life’ music video is a continuation on the theme of our previous record, We’re Not Lost. It’s about persisting with passion through unconventional and inconvenient means all the while enjoying the pursuit. aIt was directed by Andrew Fisher and shot by Ben Winchell.  We shot everything in one really long day on a back road in Castaic, CA and house North Hollywood. The whole thing was made possible by a lot of favors and a group of fans and friends who came out to help.”
The old-timey LA based Folksters, Kevin Brown, Andi Carder, Clayton Chaney, Phil Glenn and Jason Harris play the strings like possessed dervishes creating whirlwinds of bluesy Appalachian barn raisers. With great vocals and harmony's The Show Ponies deliver a hoot and a holler of a good time.
Besides the new EP, and Video they've got a Noisetrade Sampler The Indiegrass EP

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