Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Thomas Bryan Eaton - We All Want To Be Love

Thomas Bryan Eaton - Vocals/Guitar/Pedal Steel/Keys/Bass/Drums/Mandolin/etc,

On first listen to Brooklyn's Thomas Bryan Eaton second full-length record We All Want To Be Love, I was struck by the seeming nod to oft overlooked Leon Russells' sound scattered throughout the album, whether purposeful or coincidental I don't know but I like it. From the beautiful ballads 'All I Get' featuring Miss Tess' stunning vocals, and 'We All Want to be Love' to the country flavored boogie rockin' 'I've Been Lovin' You', 'Days Will Come' and 'Dancin' the 8 songs cover a lot of musical ground that will have you listening often.
Thomas can play pretty much anything that makes noise,
"For years, I focused on instrumental abilities. Studying jazz improvisation, learning bluegrass and old-time fiddle tunes, and generally focusing on getting what's inside my head, out of it on various instruments,” says Eaton from his Brooklyn apartment. "Then, one night while playing bumper pool with my friend in college, I heard Dylan's Nashville Skyline for the first time. That marked the emergence of “the song” in my musical landscape."
 His emphasis on classic songwriting and instrumentation coupled with fresh melodies and expansive arrangements sets him apart from many of the other loosely labeled Americana acts of today.

The record was crafted over the last year and a half in between tours, bar gigs and the general madness of New York City. Produced, mixed and mastered by Eaton, recorded at various friends’ studios and his own apartment, We All Want To Be Love features a cast of his closest musical associates including, Jeff Malinowski, Aaron Shafer-Haiss, Miss Tess, John Pahmer, Adam Moss, Todd Livingston, Ryan Cady, Jared Samuel, Ezra Oaklan as well as Thomas on all sorts of noise making.
Catch Thomas playing by his lonesome or with his band Hobson's Choice, a rootsy, country rock 'n' roll band reminiscent of Jerry Jeff Walker, The Rolling Stones, and the best parts of The Grateful Dead. They’re known to get even the normally stoic crowds of NYC on their feet dancing!

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