Saturday, May 10, 2014

Buffalo Killers NEW Album Heavy Reverie

Listening Requirements:  headphones, bong, weed, brownies, blacklight, lava lamp, stobe light, dayglo paint, tie-dye, incense, tiny bubble machine, glow-sticks, beads, floppy hat, sandals, bota wine flask, if you have none of these items worry not, the album will make you feel like you do. Buffalo Killers are time travelers from 1969.

Buffalo Killers, Heavy Reverie comes out on May 13 on Sun Pedal Recordings. It was recorded in Cleveland with producer Jim Wirt, and is the follow-up to last year's acclaimed Ohio Grass EP.

Bass guitarist and vocalist Zachary Gabbard says, 
"Making Heavy Reverie was a new experience for us. We recorded in Cleveland at Crushtone Studios on THE Neve Console that recorded Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” demos.
"Some of the songs that I wrote for this album came to me so effortlessly that I sat on them. I felt like they came too easy, but as Andy and I starting sharing songs for the record, those songs rose to the top of the list.
"We rehearsed for this album on my farm. We really like an organic sound and I’m sure a lot of that comes from creating in the country. We are surrounded by the trees, the birds, the frogs, the flowers... our families. We build all of our albums on those things. On our experiences - past and present.
"Like all of our previous efforts, we recorded the album live. This one happened to be the fastest – totally completed in 5 days. Also, with the addition of Sven, Andy was able to record all the guitar solos live. The only overdubs were on vocals. We worked with producer Jim Wirt who let us do our own thing, but really pushed us to get good takes. For all of our other efforts, we only answered to ourselves, so it was nice to have someone who would push us to the next level."

01. Poisonberry Tide
02. Dig On In
03. This Girl Has Grown
04. Cousin Todd
05. Sandbox
06. Who You Are?
07. Grape Peel (How I Feel)
08. Louder Than Your Lips
09. Shake
10. January

 Poisonberry Tide

Who You Are?

Don't Cry to Me (Pre-Order Exclusive)
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