Tuesday, May 27, 2014

NEW Album from Blackwater Jukebox

It’s been two years since Blackwater Jukebox’s last release, and they haven’t skipped a beat and I'm delighted. There are many bands that cull influences from the vast world of music and create their own sound, but none that do it with a devilish intensity like they do. Prepare your soul and dance.

Blackwater Jukebox is a voodoo-tinged carnival of LA musicians who have combined their love of roots music with a modern flair and taste for adventure, transforming traditional music into a savage new beast – darker and more danceable.

Armed with an arsenal of banjo, bassoon, bass, bad ass guitar, accordion, and a booming blend of percussion, Blackwater Jukebox has developed a reputation for explosive shows and dance floor annihilations, earning them a devoted following in their hometown of Los Angeles – and beyond.
Geordie: It’s a big band, and part of the concept of the band and the music is that it can easily take on new members for shows. So there’s constantly a revolving lineup, which probably has upwards of 20 people in total. We have a core group of members that is probably composed of seven or eight people. Any band requires a lot of people, as people got into the band it took on a certain identity. It’s beyond any one person’s control; Blackwater Jukebox is greater than any one person individually. 
 Blackwater Jukebox follows in a tradition of The Pogues, Paul Simon, The Talking Heads and Gogol Bordello, tapping the deep root of global music to reach an inexhaustible well of inspiration and achieve psychic tribal connection. Blackwater Jukebox’s mission is to bring people together, fill the infinite space between souls and nourish our hunger for connection through the most powerful form of magic: music.

Front man Geordie McElroy plays banjo, backed by a core lineup of Alex Volz on guitar, Angela Coutrone on percussion, Evan Chudnow on bass, Heather Cano on bassoon and recorder, Jym “The Snake” Fahey on harmonica, Lee Harcourt on percussion, and Scott Keil on percussion with a constantly rotating ensemble of over a dozen creative minds' on this album the line up is:

Heather Cano – bassoon, recorder, slide whistle
Evan Chudnow – bass
Pierluigi Ciaccio – drums
Scott Keil – cowbell, tambourine
Geordie McElroy – banjo, vocals
Frankie J. Reinke – accordion, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Jonathan Soucy – electric guitar
Alex Volz – electric guitar, backing vocals

Sadie d’Marquez - vocals
Tommy Santee – vocals

Renee Barbieri – backing vocals
Brian Hobart – backing vocals
Nick Rumanick – backing vocals



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