Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The HickoryTown Ruckus - Old City Night

Gordon Smoker is doing what we here at Popa HQ love the most and love to support, a musician doing what he loves for the love of what he’s doing and doing it beautifully and having fun. A wonderful heartfelt album for the common folk.
“I don't have a record label or promotional budget, I have focused my resources on what I think is really good music, and I hope to offer it to as many people as possible. My goal with my music is not to make a profit but to make it available and visible. As a family man I don't have big festivals or venues on my resume but I love playing local house shows, bars, and campfires. My songs tell my story and I believe demonstrate realities that are common for so many people. The music is simple and real, acoustic guitar, percussion and flavorings of piano, harmonica, cello, male vocals with some female features. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy making it.”

Old City Night Tracklist:
1. Sugar Hill - This little light of mine
2. Radiant  featuring Canyon
3. Holland In the Springtime
4. Sweet Annie GPS
5. Old City Night w/ Kimberliana
6. The Mystery
7. What You Do + Phone Convo
8. Before The Curse
9. When You Still Love Me w/ Kelly Lapp
10. West of The Horizon

Old City Night available 02-25 on iTunes, Amazon
All vocals and instruments by Gordon Smoker and
Canyon vocals on track 2
Kelly Lapp vocals on track 9, backing vocals on track 3
Kimberliana vocals on track 5
Jason Frey percussion on track 3,4&10, backing vocals on track 10, radio DJ track 7
Seth Johnson percussion on track 1,2,5,7,8&10

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